We inform everyone interested that the LARP’s October run has been canceled due to reasons beyond our control. our apologies to all those registered or interested.
The LARP will be postponed until a later date; we invite you to stay tuned for updates on this site and/or the Facebook page.

From 4 to 6 October 2019, in a tourist facility with all amenities, an exceptional immersive Live Action Role Play event for about 50 players. Play the role of students, teaching staff and former students, ready to do anything to survive and emerge in a reactionary and conformist environment, inspired by the atmosphere of Suspiria, Scent of a Woman, Evil and Dead Poets Society!

The LARP will be played in Italian; however, participation is also open to international players.

In fact, in case enough pre-registrations are received from international players, the authors will expand the cast of characters adding a number of dedicated international roles. Such roles will likely be those of foreign students, teachers or guests whose native language is not Italian. As in real life, English will probably be used as the main lingua franca for communication between characters of different nationality, who will however be free to use any language they know as they deem fit, or as they would in a similar context in real life.

Note that this is not meant to be a fully international LARP, and the foreign roles will still be a minority among the cast of characters.

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Since 1845 Madre Artemide College is the trusted institution of excellence of the Western élites. The College’s success resides in its reactionary philosophy, resilient to transient fads but with an ever-topical message capable of turning the softest scions from the wealthy families of industry, politics and art into self-confident leaders ready to conquer their empire among men.

The LARP is set to the present day, at the start of 2019-2020 academic year.

Behind the façade of respectability lies a world of sharks; behind the gloss, rot. Everyone wants to carve out their demesne in a reactionary, bigoted and hypocritical environment, where reputation is gained from competition, where freedom is the prerogative of those who are able to take it.

To the bottom of Evil


This LARP’s atmospheres are inspired by Suspiria, Scent of a Woman, Evil (Ondskan) and Dead Poets Society.

We will explore the most unmentionable facets of human nature.

We will give substance to the worst school nightmares, to mutual situations of victory, payback, revenge, difficulty, humiliation, punishment and iniquity.

Each character will have a personal truth about the world, a drive to exist just like a real person.

The entire game will revolve around suggestions, interactions and intimate relations in a deliberately toxic collegiate environment, reactionary, hypocritical, pressing and ultra competitive.

For three days you will put yourselves in the shoes of students, former students and teachers of Madre Artemide College.

The narrative is in the hands of you, the players; the choices will be all yours: will you succumb to the rot, will you get to the bottom of evil, or will you be able to consciously choose what really holds value for you?

What I should expect

  • An open and choral narrative, focused on the characters and their relationships.
  • A dynamic direction prepared to react and go along with your actions, according to the setting.
  • Round the clock play, no night break.
  • A hotel that guarantees all comforts.
  • A safe environment that allows you to play, simulate and interpret psychological and physical abuse without harming anyone’s safety. As a general rule, the victim drives the scene. In addition, an off-game manned room will allow anyone to decompress, should they need it.

What this LARP is not

  • It is not a treasure hunt.
  • It is not a railroad LARP.
  • It is not a movie.
  • It is not focused on gratuitous physical violence.

You’ll have to think about nothing but playing


The LARP will take place from 4 to 6 October 2019.

  • Registration and check-in procedures will start at 14:00 on Friday 4.
  • Friday 4 afternoon will be dedicated to the preparatory workshops, in order to formally enter in-game in the late afternoon.
  • The final timeout will be at 10:30 on Sunday 6; buffet lunch and social activities to release the LARP’s tension will follow.

The event will be taking place at Il Casone Tourist Facility Hotel Restaurant, in Casone di Profecchia, on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines (1314 metres a.s.l.), in the municipality of Castiglione di Garfagnana (Lucca) in Tuscany.

Participation fee

You’ll have to think about nothing but playing! In fact, for the whole duration of the event we’ll be exclusive guests of Hotel Il Casone.

The LARP ticket costs €180, and includes:

  • Friday night dinner and accommodation,
  • full board on Saturday with accommodation,
  • breakfast and after-LARP buffet on Sunday.

Some “social” spots at a reduced fee will be provided for; all information will be disclosed in the near future.

Warning: due to safety issues and themes addressed the event will only be accessible to people over 18 years of age.

How to sign up

Italian sign-up has formally opened on monday 8 July 2019. The registration page (in Italian) can be reached here.

However, the international pre-registration form (below) will be kept open, and sign-up details in English will be provided on an individual basis. If a sufficient number of applications is received from international players, dedicated international roles will be added to the cast of characters.

International pre-registration form

Each player must provide their character’s clothing. [page in Italian; dresscode guidelines in English will be provided]

You can also follow us on facebook, where we will post all the updates, off-game and in-game news related to the LARP!

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